Phoenix Spice of Life 3 bowl set LAST ITEM LEFT!


Set out a selection of snacks, present spices and salts and make your side dishes and condiments look spectacular! Create a selection of hors d’ouerves or dress your cocktail table up with a selection of nuts, treats and nibbles. We will even keep your trinkets in order: there’s no end to what we can achieve every day and you’ll never keep us in the cupboard.


Please note that this item is for the Phoenix 3 bowls only.

Designed to be featured and used with the (sold separately) Phoenix Tray large as a stunning set, we are hand-created in brass and finished in 3 unique outside patinas of black, bronze and viridian.

Unique and eye-catching, we are made to cherish and share every day.

The perfect Wedding or Special occasion gift; my exceptional quality and distinctive design will ensure that I will be enjoyed for generations.

You will never store me away! I am a piece of contemporary sculptural Art that you will adore every day.

These items are made of 100%, hand-beaten solid Brass.

This Ziporah Lifestyle Home & Living item includes its very own luxurious black velvet and gold embossed drawstring storage bag: not that you will want to put it away!

Please note that these items are exclusively hand-made and stock is highly limited.



About this collection


The Home and Living Collection by Ziporah Lifestyle brings our Brand’s luxurious geometric and metallic designs to a beautifully edited range of Home and Dining wares. From metallic leather and suede seating and golden geometric planters to colourful serving bowls, bejeweled trinket trays and unique table ware, this innovative range combines the very best of attainable luxury with everyday practicality and quality hand crafting.

This exclusive Collection incorporates a covetable array of treasurable and giftable goods in the Ziporah-signature palette of gold, black, platinum and neutral colours. Each hand-crafted and individually designed item has been cleverly combined with contemporary geometric design. The flawless quality that Ziporah Lifestyle is known for remains as always, with our design focus squarely placed on modern Artisan craftsmanship finished in striking and luxurious materials.

Each unique piece is designed to be used and proudly displayed, to be admired and coveted, to be adored or to be given.

Feel Inspired, celebrate and adore your everyday living!




Your Ziporah Lifestyle product is made to the highest standards and with the correct care, it will ensure that you receive many years of stylish and practical service. All our Home & Living items are handmade only. Ziporah Lifestyle products are made using Fair Trade practices and environmentally-conscious Makers and Artisans. We do not endorse child workers, unfair wage or work conditions in any instance. Ziporah Lifestyle believes in decent working conditions and the empowerment of all workers and their Communities around the world.


Materials: Brass. Includes 3 bowls in each set.

3.1 inches x 1.5 inches each bowl

8 cm x 4 cm each bowl

The difference between solid brass and brass plating is this: solid brass refers to a piece that is made purely of brass; from its core to its exterior. Brass-plated items have a core of zinc or stainless steel with a thin layer of brass that has been electroplated to it.

The best reason why solid brass is superior to plated brass is its durability. Brass is a lot less susceptible to cracking under pressure; brass will hold up to the challenge! Due to its greater durability, brass can take the wear and tear that you put it through-over years, decades or Centuries!

All Ziporah Lifestyle Home & Living items include their very own luxurious black velvet and gold embossed drawstring storage bag: not that you will want to put them away!


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