Ziporah Lifestyle began with one idea: “to create luxurious items that we wish existed” and with this in mind, Carla Williams and Roanne Innes commenced their journey to achieve exactly that. We believe in having a point of difference in all our designs. We want to innovate, to experiment and to be fearless with everything we make. Each collection is united by a luxurious and contemporary design aesthetic. 

Ziporah Lifestyle designs are striking, unique and deeply indulgent and you won’t find anything else quite like them. We take only the highest quality materials and carefully select ethically and environmentally-conscious artisan manufacturers from around the world to create them. We’re all about that touch of opulence that elevates the everyday.

The launch of the new Ziporah Lifestyle Home and Living Collection brings our Brand’s luxurious geometric and metallic designs to a beautifully edited range of Home and Dining wares. From metallic leather and suede seating and geometric planters to colorful serving bowls, bejeweled trinket trays and unique table ware, this innovative range combines the very best of attainable luxury with everyday practicality.

Our Novus Luxuria designer bathroom towel collection was inspired by the use of metal for decorative effect throughout history-from the ancient Roman Gods right through to today’s high fashion and architectural interpretations- our aim was to incorporate metallic thread into bathroom and pool towels as well as floor rugs and bath mats. Ziporah Lifestyle has uniquely woven absorbent modal metallic thread into each towel and woven sparkling Lurex™ into our stunning bath rugs.

The Oceanus beach towel Collection invokes treasured personal memories of days spent in The Hamptons; hot, salty days by the sea feeling sun-drenched and relaxed in Malibu; the clear blue waters, white sands and the endless horizons of Australian beaches. The gold Halcyon backpack was created to fashionably carry all your leisure items in the very best of style. 

The use of geometric design coupled with amazing color and metallic features will always remain our very own signature and stands at the heart of everything we do. Innovative engineering means that all our collections are lustrous, uniquely eye-catching and are made to love and keep forever. They were created to become the Hero pieces in your home; dining, living and aquatic spaces- the places that make you happy. We want you to celebrate and enjoy your every day.

We love to innovate and intrigue. We are always unique and different. Above all, Ziporah Lifestyle celebrates living and celebrating your every day life in vibrant color, luxurious materials and the very best of modern design and style.



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Carla & Roanne Ziporah Lifesstyle

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