The 7 benefits of indoor plants that you’ve probably never thought about

House plants are awesome interior decorating tools. They can lift a room with a simple pop of colour and style. Indoor plants have a lot of other amazing benefits as well though, and they’re things that you’ve probably never even thought about!. Read on to find out how becoming a Plant Parent could greatly improve your life.



  1. Cleaner air: Just as we learned in school, plants absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. But that’s not the only way your leafy babies can help you breathe easier - they also soak up other air contaminants. When you place plants around your home, the air will contain less dust particles and nitrogen dioxide (which can come from your appliances). Result: healthier air for a healthier you.

Pro plant tip: If you’ve never been a plant parent before, an easy choice for cleaner air is a Peace Lily. It’s a classic and affordable addition to any interior.



  1. Less stress: Nature can have a very calming effect on humans, even those of us who aren’t outdoors-y. This is why indoor landscaping has been proven to make massive differences to our mental wellbeing. A well-placed plant or two not only looks good, but makes you feel good.

Pro plant tip: Yearning for the stress-free environment of a tropical holiday? The iconic leaves of a Philodendron will help you out with that. It’s great for beginners and can live for many years with the right care.



  1. Better sleep: Some plants make you so relaxed that they even help you sleep! Stocking your bedroom with soothing scents like jasmine or lavender has been proven to give you a better quality of sleep. Definitely not something to yawn at!

Pro plant tip: If you want something a bit different from jasmine or lavender, try Chrysanthemums. They’re It’s also great for the bedroom because they thrive in low light settings.



  1. Improved concentration: This is an awesome benefit if you work from home, especially if you’re easily distracted! As plants naturally absorb sound, they’re great for getting rid of background noises, keeping your home and your mind calmer.

Pro plant tip: Get even more bang for your buck by having herb plants in your home. A great choice is Mint - good for a day of concentration, and a night of fresh mojitos.



  1. Quicker recoveries: Studies have revealed that having plants in hospital rooms can improve the recovery time and overall wellbeing of patients. Having a few plants around when you’re sick or injured can help you feel less fatigued, need want less pain medication plus keep your blood pressure down.

Pro plant tip: Aloe Vera is a great thing to have on hand to help keep healthy. The list of uses for Aloe are so long - you’ll be sure to find use for it.



  1. Better smells: Obviously having indoor flowering plants will keep a nice smell around the house. You might be surprised to find out that our non-flowering friends also improve fragrances. Plants can help neutralise odours and freshen stinky rooms.

Pro plant tip: You really can’t go past Orchids for a sleek look and lovely scent. They come in a range of flower types, colours, scents and sizes… with so many choices, why not put one in every room?



  1. Improved immune system: This is great plant perk if you live somewhere without a backyard or if you don’t get out into nature too often. Having plants around your home can help diversify your microbiota. The more diverse this  is, the more effectively your body can fight off sickness, injury and inflammation. Stronger plant game equals stronger immune system.

Pro plant tip: One of the most durable and easy to care for plants-, the Spider Plant (also known as ‘Mother In Law’s Tongue’)- is a great healthy choice for your home. They’re perfect for beginners who are still learning to be plant parents.

There’s an indoor plant to suit everyone’s lifestyle, and everyone’s home. Help your plant become its most stylish self with a Ziporah Lifestyle planter, available in Bloom in Gold Black and Bloom in Gold Dove






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