The 5 Interior Colour Schemes Set to Shine in 2020

The 5 Colour schemes set to shine in 2020

Brydie Allen for Ziporah Lifestyle

With 2020 just around the corner, colour trend predictions for the New Year have been coming in thick and fast. After carefully reviewing them all, we bring you our handpicked selection of the 5 key interior paint colour trends to keep your eye on below. 

A huge trend across major paint brands and the Milan Interior Design week earlier this year, neutral schemes featuring champagnes, beiges and light tans are set to be big in 2020.

What’s considered a neutral is also changing. According to research by My Domaine, over half of designers say that Charcoal-black is also a neutral, as are other colours like deep Navy and Sage.

Using this scheme brings warmth to an area, keeping it grounded and pure. Although what exactly can be defined as neutral is broad; simply use the scheme in your home and feature simple tones that aren’t too harsh and bright. 


Natural inspired greens
Environmental harmony inspires the shades of green that are sure to be big in 2020, with gentle colours coming from those that exist naturally from moss, grass and herbs. This cool and calm collection will have any space feeling as serene as a forest.

 The value of environmental colours is also seen in Valspar’s top picked colours for next year, which their colour designer Sue Kim said are all inspired by nature. Among the greenest of their 12 top pics are the subtle and calm ‘Mint,’ therapeutic ‘Secret Moss’ and jewel-like ‘Secluded Garden.’


Bright primes
2020 will see more than just small pops of colour, with the primary shades of red, blue and yellow making heavy appearances. Think bright, clashing hues and then meld vintage and modern to create contemporary spaces.

Exactly which colour you’ll find the most appealing may depend on your age. Research shows that different generations are increasingly aligning with different colour schemes and trends. While warm yellow based brights are popular with Gen Z, whereas Millennials will go for more red-based brights.


Raw earthy hues
Indulgent and rich colours pulled straight from the ground are going to be a great lively trend to watch in 2020. Deep romantic shades of rust, terracotta and burgundy characterise this trend and are both intense and warm.

This trend is reminiscent of those from the past which is especially true for Sherwin-Williams colour of the year; the bohemian earthy ‘Cavern Clay.’ Terracottas like this have been having a resurgence lately, after their heyday in the 70s. 


Modern Beige

Don’t underestimate the power of a modern beige! These new beiges have been updated to feature either warm blush undertones like Sherwin WIlliams “Shiitake” or Valspar’s take on “greige” which promises to be "soothing and warm, bringing a comforting sophistication to a space."

Dulux has released their 2020 spin on modern beige: try Dulux Waitangi or White Dune for a modern update. Have fun! Paint is THE cheapest and most impactful way to create an instant room makeover. Keep to high-quality paint brands in order to ensure that your weekend-makeover looks amazing and lasts for years to come.


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