The 3 Things You Will Never Forget About India.

It's no secret that we absolutely adore India. We look forward to each and every trip we take there; be it long or short. There are few places on Earth that inspire and influence us as much as India does! Through all our travels to India for Ziporah Lifestyle, there remain 3 things that always stand out to us and constantly remind us why this beautiful land and its People are so unique and special.

Add to your "Must-See" list now! The Taj Mahal in Agra


The Indian people are amongst the kindest and most graceful we have ever met. Nothing is a bother or a chore and Life is spent offering others their hospitality and sharing a feeling of inclusiveness to all. Deeply spiritual, we love and admire that they worry less, go with "the flow" of life and do not constantly look for reasons to understand, explain or control all that is around them. Just being a part of their every day lives always gives us a certain happiness and an appreciation of each day and it's opportunities.

Our visits to the Fair Trade factories and workshops where we choose to have our products hand-made are an absolute joy. The Indian people relish in a spirit of close Community ties and inter-generational unity. Each and every employed craftsperson, knows that what they are doing and creating is bringing something positive back in to their community for the benefit of all who live there. Fiercely proud of their skills and workmanship, we often mourn the loss of such specialist handicraft skills in other parts of the world.


Wherever you turn, there is colour and more colour! Everything is bright, decorated and full of life. The Indian people certainly embrace colour and vibrancy with a passion! Everything is decorated-even the buses and trucks-which creates a visual "story" like no other. We adore walking in the vibrant markets and exploring the raw colour pigments used to dye almost anything.

We challenge you to travel India and NOT feel inspired by the colour!


Let's just say that our clothes always feel a little "snug" on our flights home after a visit to India! The sheer variety coupled with their unique flavours is simply amazing and it's so hard to resist-even when you are not super hungry to begin with! India is a food lover's heaven and they have a heady obsession for fabulous sweets and myriad exotic spices. Our go-to faves are roti or na'an breads, regional curries, tandoori anything, dosa, samosa and the wonderful dessert of ricotta pancakes soaked in cardamom syrup. Find the time to explore because the choices are endless and you can find superb food in upmarket and more downmarket eateries.

Lunch with friends!

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India is certainly all hustle and bustle but in a different way to that which we live at home. It's all about taking the time to find the beauty in the imperfect and embracing the chaotic and (somewhat!) uncontrolled. We are so grateful and thankful that we have the opportunity to work hard and travel but above all, we always treasure the memories from our Indian adventures.

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