Staying on Trend with the new breed of Plastic Homewares.

When you think of plastic products, odds are you’re not also thinking about high end, premium or luxury homewares. It’s time to turn that thinking around, because plastic is making a comeback! Forget about the tacky plastic creations that once haunted interiors of the 50s and 60s and start thinking about the future - quality, recyclable and recycled materials and on-trend plastics that you’ll be obsessed with.

We know it's hard to keep up with the hectic swarm of decor ideas, so we’ve summarised our top tips about staying fantastic with plastic. We’ve kept timelessness in mind so you don’t need to worry about maintenance or falling out of fashion. 

Plastic for the outdoors

Plastic is an often overlooked durable material for outdoor furniture. This could be because of the misconception it doesn’t look as good as the traditional wood or wicker. In fact though, plastic offers a diverse range of outdoor styles to suit any backyard or balcony.

There’s plenty of options available out there too! Thanks to the lightweight nature of the material, lots of international brands supply their plastic outdoor furniture worldwide. Add some Italian luxury to your home for example, with the sleek lines of this Nardi furniture.

Plastic for interior decor

Accessorising your home with plastic pieces is beneficial for a number of reasons. You’ll find that its functional versatility is one of the biggest draw points though. 

Some of your most simple pieces in a room have plastic alternatives that not only look good, but are more functional than their originals! Our favourite are self watering pots made from recycled plastic, that still come in a range of colours. Check out the Mr Kitley X Decor range.

Other plastic decor that you might not have expected are rugs (yes you read that right!). The plastic market today offers a range of textiles made from recycled plastics for use in floor coverings, throw rugs and even funky ottomans. They’re hardy, stain proof and can even be machine washable. Weaver Green do an amazing range of floor rugs made from recycled plastic.

Weaver green recycled floor rug

Plastic for indoor furniture

Reviving the old school plastic feel in a more fashionable way is very on trend. Paired with the right colour scheme and textures, plastic furniture pieces can add unique flair to tired old rooms. Clear plastic chairs are our favourite, especially paired with pastels and soft textures (like our shimmering Aura designer towel sets). 

ziporah lifestyle aura bathroom towels

You really can’t go past the classically fabulous Phillipe Starck Louis ghost chair. They’re stackable, lightweight and versatile.

Plastic for sustainable living

Many companies have been acknowledging the value of recycled plastic material for homewares and furniture. Being environmentally friendly has never been so easy, or so fashionable. By investing in timeless recycled materials, you’re avoiding the mass produced poor quality pieces that gave plastic a bad name in the first place. 

Loads of brands are using recycled plastics within their products these days, so there’s really no limit to the products you can find. A good place to start is to replace some of the smaller things in your life with sustainable and recycled plastics, like a takeaway coffee cup, patio chair or lunchbox.

You know what goes really well with plastic? Us. Check out our range of interior decorating accessories now by browsing here.

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