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Image: Clare Voitin

We’ve been so excited at Ziporah Lifestyle this week due entirely to our fantastic interview with the subject for our first profile on inspiring and creative people. Seriously, we just couldn’t wait to post this and share it with you all. Remember our mantra: “What’s important is to have a point of difference-to be innovative, to experiment, to play and to be fearless”? Well, this lady has it all covered in her own amazing and inspirational way!

Meet Clare Voitin: busy Mum, marathon runner, café owner, jewelry designer and most importantly, “on a mission to create an awareness about ‘real food’ and Paddock to Plate through Scarvelli Café”.

She believes there is no better time to grow your own.

Well, if I thought for a second that I might have been busy, after sitting down with one of the most positive and inspiring women out there, I realized I could squeeze more out of life.

The last year has been huge for Clare Voitin! Building her successful business Scarvelli Café in Balwyn, Melbourne, concentrating on unique designs for her online jewelry business ‘Gulliver Jam’ AND squeezing in a New York Marathon. Where did she find the time to do this so successfully? The time to Marathon train alone is a full-time commitment! Not so for Clare.

This is all in the life of one inspiring woman.

I had the pleasure to sit down and enjoy brunch, a great coffee and a chat with Clare. Her natural energy is infectious and she gives you the boost you need to tackle life head-on.


2014 was a soul-searching year. When Clare thought up the idea of a café in Balwyn, a place that prides itself on awesome coffee, beautiful, fresh food and vibrant staff and service, it was more about a “great business opportunity”. However, this journey took another direction, one that has awoken a passion and love for Real Food .

In 12 months, Clare’s Scarvelli Café has developed into a passion for something bigger. It has become the place where she can channel her creative talents and she has attracted a band of loyal followers with her innovative approach.

Image: The fresh and vibrant interior at Scarvelli Café


This is where her farm #swanbayfarm, a place she shares time with her boys and husband as often as she can, comes full circle back to Scarvelli’s. At first Clare really didn’t see the connection between her Farm and the café, however slowly but surely, the 2 intertwined and the result is a whole “Paddock to Plate “ movement. The produce at Scarvelli is increasingly grown at Swan Bay under the protective eye of Clare. Fresh air, no chemicals or pesticides and the genuine emotion Clare feels for her passion result in the BEST ingredients for her Café. You cannot beat her food.

“Real food shouldn’t be an out-of-reach luxury – it can be obtainable“ Clare says.

I learnt that Clare doesn’t just talk; she puts everything she preaches into practice and if the success of Scarvelli is anything to go by, she’s onto a winner.

Clare has many passions: her family, businesses and running those challenging marathons around the globe – and this new food passion is starting to grow, literally!

Getting people to grow their own food, getting kids involved in where food comes from, planting a seed, seeing the produce grow and then getting picked and eaten. Clare loves what she does and it certainly shows.

Image: Produce from Swan Bay Farm


“It really doesn’t take much, a small vegie garden can be grown in most back yards (check out" says Clare.

We also touched on the subject of quality honey, and Clare is keen to start her own bee colony. She’s also setting up a vegie garden at the local scout hall to hopefully support the Café and inspire young Community members to have a go at creating and producing their own “paddock to plate” creations.

So many ideas, you’re thinking!

I did have to ask: “Why you do all of this? What inspires you?”

Clare answered very simply, “I do it because I want to set a good example for my kids”. Plus, she likes to see how far she can push herself :-)


Further to her creative mission in Paddock to Plate, Clare is developing a food range sold exclusively through Scarvelli Café .

Surprisingly, Clare does find some spare hours in the day – although I was told it’s generally after midnight – to write her “semi-autobiographical journey”. In addition to this, she is developing a book series aimed at helping small businesses promote their ventures and increase their profiles.

Clare sees true luxury through growing Real Food and making this attainable to all. Hats off to you Clare: fearlessness, innovation and a steely determination keep this lady going places. Inspiration indeed.

Image: Our amazing brunch at Scarevlli


 The Ziporah Lifestyle Proust Questionnaire: getting to know Clare Voitin better… on!


What’s your greatest inspiration? A fear of emptying my bucket list, never die wondering.

Greatest achievement? Knowing that I have influenced 1 person to make a change.

How do you relax? At Swan Bay Farm, mulching the garden, and believe it or not, social media.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness? Happiness within yourself, stop worrying about what other people think.

What’s your greatest fear? Not giving something a try

What’s your greatest extravagance? Able to travel and run a marathon.

Which words and phrases do you most overuse? “Suck it up“ and “1st World Problem”

What is your current state of mind? Brain feels like scrambled eggs.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be? Not to worry about what other people think.

When and where are you most happy? At the farm with my Boys.

Which talent do you wish you had? To whistle (loudly – the 2-finger kind)

If you could choose one person to come back as, who would it be? Me – smaller version (Clare)

Who would be your ideal dinner party guests (alive or dead)? Seth Rogen, Jake Black, Will Ferrell, Princess Diana, Richard Branson, Nicole Stucky and Tanya Morrison.

What is your most treasured possession? My kids

Where would you like to live? South of France, growing an olive grove.

Who is your favorite Hero? Was Lance Armstrong!!

What do you dislike the most in life? Self- serve checkouts. Watch This Space: there may be a Facebook movement starting!

What is your motto? When do you give up? NEVER!!!

If you could be an animal , which animal would you be? Cheetah


Image: Scarvelli and Swan Bay Farm: a food collaboration made in heaven.



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Image from “The Age” newspaper, Melbourne, Australia. March 7th, 2015.



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