Our Simple Steps to Turn Your First House Into A Home.

Being at home means that you feel at ease and perfectly content in a house, and it’s an incredible feeling! But curating your residence to grow this feeling can be tricky, especially when it’s your first attempt. Add in financial constraints, size limitations and a lack of time; there are so many obstacles to creating that perfect "I'm Home" feeling.

You may be moving out from your parents place, leaving shared or student accommodation, or buying your first home but going out on your own is a lot to deal with, in more ways than one. To help take some of this stress away, here’s a list of the simple steps you can take to turn your house into a home, and they need not cost a fortune!

Invest in quality towels and linen

This is the easiest step that you can take to feel more pampered and content in your new place. Snuggling into crisp fresh sheets, luxe throw blankets and wrapping yourself in soft fluffy towels does wonders and can make you ultra- relaxed. Investing in quality items also means you get to enjoy the luxury for longer, as these products will stand the test of time. On a cost-per-use investment scale: these are the winners! You will use them everyday and you'll never put them away.

Opt for co'ordinating sets

Tying rooms together is super easy when you buy matching sets, rather than singular pieces. Whether it be furniture, linen, or accessories, co'ordination is key to feeling calm and content. The great thing is that on many occasions, buying full sets is actually more affordable and quicker than looking for individual bits and pieces. Sign up to the mailing lists for your fave Brands and never miss a Sale or special offer.

Don’t forget the floor

Feel like a room is missing something? Look down. Tying areas together with rugs or mats can make a world of difference! Choosing luxe-feeling floor coverings both looks good and feels good on the feet. Don't forget to check out sample sales and floor stock clearances on those floor rugs and mats that you have been coveting for ages.

Pick out some unique art

Nothing shows off your style and individuality quite like Art. Get the exact flair you want for your place by commissioning a local independent artist - they’re easier than ever to find on Instagram-or by checking out nearby markets. In the meantime, start a special Bank account and squirrel-away small amounts for that Damien Hirst, Cy Twombly, Jeff Koons or Richard Prince piece that you may have an eye on! You can also source amazing-quality framed prints for a fraction of the cost of an original work.

Damien Hirst Hirst with his painting "I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds" (2006), at the Tate Modern gallery in London.

Freshen up with flowers or plants

Elements of nature put humans at ease, so experiment with different ways where you can add them to your home. Try unique vases of fragrant fresh flowers or lush-leaved pot plants to add a splash of green to any room. This is the cheapest and the best way of making your house feel homely! Set your alarm and head to your local wholesale Flower Market once or twice a week and you'll be amazed at what you can buy with a small amount of cash. In Australia, we love visiting the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable + Flower Market

Image credit: JuneFigs


Stock up on products for entertaining and dining

When you’ve got a killer place, you’ll want to share it with your friends and family. To make them as comfortable as you are in your home, step up your entertainment game. Keep an eye out for the Sales on luxe serving wares, home wares and decor pieces. Sign up for Specials alerts at your local purveyor for quality foods. Buy 1 set each of high-quality salad servers, cheese servers, a platter and salads bowls and you'll use them forever. 


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