Making industrial chic work in your home and keeping that cosy-cool feel happening!

Making industrial chic work in your home

By Brydie Allen for Ziporah Lifestyle

The industrial chic trend is huge in the interior decorating world for quite awhile now, and there is no way this style is going to slow down in the near future! There are now so many ways to bring the trend into your home- in big and small ways- that need not break the budget either.

But walking the line between industrial chic not-so-much-chic can be a little hard, especially considering this wide range of options to choose from. That effortlessly cool look comprising of exposed, raw materials, seamlessly blending into designer homewares? Not so effortless in reality. 

There are a few things you can do to retain that converted warehouse open concept feel (without knocking down walls!), that really make the industrial style pop. Check out some of our tips below!

  • Don’t overdo it

    If you don’t live in a converted warehouse or loft space, don’t pretend you do. Adding in industrial structural elements that wouldn’t pass as part of the original construction take away from the impact of the style. Too many industrial decor touches also make the whole space seem less liveable. You don’t actually want to live in a working warehouse!

    Being super committed to this look may mean a full redo of a room. If that’s the case, spend some time thinking about how everything will tie together. Visualising your end product will help keep your home balanced. 

  • Colour schemes

    An easy place to start when choosing colours is to stick to neutral schemes that match the structural elements of the room. If you have dark bricks, go with a warmer dark mix of black and browns. For light wooden ceiling beams, go for a cooler blend of white, beige and grey. 

  • Beam-utiful

  • An iconic feature to come from this trend is the exposed beam. Most effective on the ceiling, this can be from a number of materials, but we love when it is made from dark, rustic looking wood.


    Before you go ripping out your ceiling though, find out whether what's underneath works for you, and you can also add faux beams for the same effect. Keep headroom in mind here - this will likely only work on rooms with high ceilings.

    Whatever method you choose, our tip is to go for beams where the wood looks unfinished, like it could definitely give you a splinter. 



  • Metal magic

  • Nothing says industrial better than metal accents, which you can choose according to your colour scheme. One great option is to pair dark wood with black metals in furniture. Then, try adding more traditional metallic colours into the homewares for a designer feel. Things like gold salad servers and brass bowls work great for this (and we have both here).





  • Cool stone

    Stone rocks. Pardon the pun, but it's true. Stone is sleek and cool, with a range of colours, styles and utilisations, to make it eligible for almost any home decorating style, including industrial. 

    Stone works well to pair the industrial chic look with contemporary living, especially on surfaces and in interior decorating accessories. We’d suggest trying a grey stone slab coffee table, or a black marbled cheese plate (like our Set In Stone share platter).


  • Comfort is key

    Remember, just because you’re going for an industrial look, you don’t have to have the physical feel of an industrial space. Things like plush leather lounges and fluffy throw rugs work with the theme while retaining a feel of luxury. 

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